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We provide you with the services, support and tools that allow your private practice remain...

We provide you with the services, support and tools that allow your private practice remain...

We provide you with the services, support and tools that allow your private practice to remain . . .

Independent, Efficient and Profitable!

One Resource, Multiple Solutions


Suite of Services

Optimize your billing using integrated Practice Management, Billing, and EHR systems with full transparency of your revenue.

Remove barriers to collecting payments while reducing the cost of your Merchant Service.  Improve your patient A/R with P.M. integration, and additional features.

Protect your revenue by simplifying HIPAA requirements and moving your practice from incomplete to complete compliance with less work and cost. 

Maintain your relationship with patients using a healthcare specific service to reduce uncollected A/R. 

Outsource your credentialing completely with all aspects of CAQH attestations, insurance enrollments and maintenance to achieve optimum reimbursements.

Send out your charts as needed to have them coded, checked or relieve backlogs. Charts can also be reviewed for audits.

Bring additional monitoring and care for your patients using Pulse OX, Glucose, Weight, and Blood Pressure monitors. Includes proper billing and remote care. Bring additional revenue to your Practice.

Enhance your practice with effective online reviews, two-way texting, email marketing, enhanced phone system, digital forms, and more.

Receive an expert analysis of your business costs with no upfront fee to see where you can reduce your spending and keep the revenue you earn. 



Focused Revenue Management seeks to reduce the business costs of healthcare practices and keep private practices independent. Our goal is to assist providers with keeping and increasing their revenue, utilizing integrated systems, outsourcing time-consuming tasks and providing solutions that let your practice thrive.​ 


Focused Revenue Management’s mission is to provide premium revenue cycle and practice management services to support to your independent medical practice, maximizing your profitability and productivity, allowing you to focus on successful outcomes for your patients. 

Simply . . . We focus on you, so you can focus on your patients! 


Our evaluation process will be familiar to many providers.

That is because we utilize a similar process to how you assess and care for a patient. 


  1. (S) We listen to what you have to say about your practice. (pains, needs, goals, and wants)  

  2. (O) We get to know you better through conversations and providing a free practice analysis 

  3. (A) We analyze the data both quantitatively and qualitatively 

  4. (P) We offer plans that give you options to help you achieve your goals and improve your outcomes 

  5. We continue to work with you and adapt to your needs, keeping you on target 

Doctor and Patient

We Focus on You so You Can Focus on Your Patients

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