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Remote Patient Monitoring

When was the last time your practice had a checkup?


  • Remote device monitoring 

  • Glucose 

  • Blood pressure 

  • Pulse Ox 

  • Weight scale 

  • Additional revenue stream 

  • Certified clinical care  

  • Wound care monitoring 

  • Chronic care management 

  • Behavioral health integration 

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) engages and strengthens the relationships with your patients using technological tools to track patient data outside the standard healthcare settings. This type of virtual care seeks to gather patient information from wherever they are and transmit it to clinicians or other healthcare providers. It includes real-time notifications for response and intervention.  


In most cases, Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance payers cover these services. This service provides both the technology and certified clinicians to meet all the requirements for RPM. There are no up-front costs for your Practice. Your practice provides the patient data and the RPM service confirms eligibility, works with the patient from enrollment through monitoring care, and provides the practice with reports, data and billing info.  

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